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Art site; most medias supported, such as pencil, pen & ink, pastel, watercolour.
Book Publishing; small and medium runs, Web Design & Publishing; any size (largest to date over 172 pages).

A site detailing antique and collectable European art glass (work in progress).

A new companion site for GlassyEye that covers just the glassware of Chance.

New book available now.

Password Protected: please mail for details. A private site for family members.

JoyFinzi.com — The work of a truly remarkable artist. Wife to the British composer, Gerald Finzi.
AstroArt.org — David A. Hardy's Space Art site as designed by us.
Dor Knap — A book written about the history of a remarkable building. All profit to charity.
ClearHouse.co.uk — A local business, operating in the Birmingham area (work in progress)
Twintone.co.uk — Examining the output from Poole Pottery with its Twintone and tableware ranges.
Scotland's Glass 400 — A celebration of 400 Years of Scottish Glassmaking.
Sabretech — Computer Hardware & Software designers and developers.
Charles Hajdamach — An author and lecturer, Charles is one of the top authorities on glass in the country.
Kenneth Townsend — A site detailing the humorous work of the late artist.
MJHQ — A Midland's based jazz quintet, fronted by bassist, Mike Hatton.

The Apostrophes — A simple site created for a 2-man guitar band.
Acoustic Who — A must for all fans of The Who!
Penwork Ministries — Assisting overseas prisoners. This site created and maintained entirely free of charge.
NIMEA — Northern Ireland ME Association (coming soon)

Web design specialists:
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